DDAM /dam/

  1. A sustainable clothing brand of elevated essentials.
  2. DDAM just dropped a new collection!
  1. Used to emphasize or express something.
  2. This crewneck is so DDAM comfortable!


DDAM was born out of the genuine desire to design a line of sustainable and ethically produced garments, that set a new standard for both comfort and luxury. In doing this, we’re creating ease of mind every step of the way. We scoured the globe for the most innovative materials on the market that deliver the highest level of quality with the lowest environmental impact possible. All while providing transparency and building long-term friendships - with our community and with our planet.


Alyssa Mitchell and Isabella O’Day are the creative and business minds behind DDAM. As friends who met at the beginning of college, they shared many crucial life experiences. Through this, they learned that navigating life with a close friend is always a good idea, no matter how different your personalities are. 

Alyssa founded DDAM in 2020 after working in strategy and operations at Baja East. She wanted to create a label that felt both timeless and truly sustainable. After bringing in Isabella, a graphic designer and close friend, the two of them worked together to source the most luxurious fabrics from some of the most sought-after mills in the world. Their goal has always been to create garments that we keep close to us, produced in small batches, with intention, and care for the environment.

They embody the idea that DDAM wants to be a good friend, just like them.